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Men's I Jacob Scott

No coach? - No problem! Last week the Men's 1st team played Staffordshire away. The gruelling journey of over an hour, also made without a coach, started us at a disadvantage anyways. However, as soon as we took the court for practice you could tell all the men came to play. In the warm up, shots were dropping and we all felt good getting into our rhythm.

As the contest for the first possession went under way it was immediately clear that we were playing to win. No nonsense, no messing around. We started with the lead and we kept it all the way through to the final whistle. The final score being 90-62, we established ourselves as a team of serious basketball players in this division. For as several players, notably Men's I Captain Shaq (again), draining a multitude of 3-pointers in the final quarter, it gave our lead a sense of stateliness and dominance.

I think this is a game we should look back to, so as to remember what we really can play like, both offensively and defensively, to win games with authority. Look for more of these types of victories to follow Ladies and Gentlemen!

Posted on 24th Oct 2016


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